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About us

Digital & Circular Fashion House is a training project in the field of fashion circular economy, continuous learning and digital competence. The project explores how it is possible to create and develop with using digital solutions and design methods new circular economy innovations, operational models, professions and businesses. The project will increase digital and circular economy skills in the textile and fashion sector and improve the competitiveness of businesses in the region of Easter Finland.

Digital & Circular Fashion House brings together companies, educational and research institutions, organizations and other operators closely linked to the project. The common goal is to learn, strengthen and develop business opportunities in the fashion industry, and to build a network of knowledge and collaboration that can effectively serve the needs of companies and abilities to network internationally. The project creates conditions to the new arrival of textile and fashion expertise, gives the region international visibility.

The knowledge and competencies needed in working life are changing and changing rapidly. The Digital & Circular Fashion House project aims to meet the challenges of the future in multidisciplinary environments changes in which the circular economy, digitalization and 3D play an important role.

The Digital & Circular Fashion House project is agile to explore and learn new sustainable ways to operate in the garment industry. This means, for example, utilizing 3D modeling in design, product development and sales. In practice, this enables e.g. prototyping virtual fittings without specific clothing patterns, shortening and enhancing lead- time and saving nature, money and decreasing carbon footprints. Commercially there would be improvements eg. customization and the use of 3D models in sales. Consumption is also changing.